Bali Driver Hire

Hiring a driver in Bali is very easy and quick booking process. You can book via WhatsApp, email or live chat. Before you hire Bali driver, here is the thing you need to know.

Hire Bali Driver for a day

Hiring Bali driver is private service with English-speaking driver guide. It is very informant you know your driver you going to book.

Tips for hiring driver in Bali

  • TripAdvisor review : Your tour will be very memorable if your tour agent and your tour driver provide you a best service. Friendly drivers, polite, reliable and flexible service.
  • Tour packages : You are very easy to arrange your tour itinerary as the tour is flexible and just tell what is your programs.
The full day tour with private driver Bali cost average is around IDR 350,000/ $ 25 USD  for a half day tour and around IDR 500,000/$ 40 USD  for a full day tour. Please take a noted the price is not same on several agents.
When you hire driver in Bali, the capacity of the private car is from 1 – 7 passenger. Full day tour for 10 hours $40 USD and you if you share that with 7 of your friends, it’s only cost you around $ 6 USD per day per person.

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Car TypePrice A Day
Avanza, XeniaRp 500.000/car
APV, InnovaRp 500.000/car
Toyota Innova RebonRp 850.000/car
Toyota AlphadRp 1.500.000/car
The price for rental car in Bali self – drive costs start from $ 350 USD per month ($ 20 per day)

Is it safe to drive in Bali ?

Well Bali is very safe place for everyone to live in generally. Most of the roads is quite small specially if you drive out of the main road and most cases you will facing a lot of traffic jam. Before you drive in Bali is better to know where you going to go, not often using google map can also make you lost.
Beside the car you will see a lot of motorbike or scooter, the riders and drivers are aggressive and has no rule, but it work very well. They do know the road very well when to drive aggressively and when to give way the road.
Bali drivers drive on the left hand side of the road. It might be not surprise for some people, but keep in mind you need to switch your brain hemispheres if you driving in your country on the right hand side. Your driving skill should be change because the way to changing the gear stick by using your left hand.


How much do you tip private driver in Bali ?

Actually Bali has no tipping culture, if you tipping your driver it will be much appreciated. But when you might not be happy with your driver then do not feel tipping is an obligation. In addition, for full day tours 10 hours 500.000 for a private car is a little. 
In most tourist places hotel or restaurant tax and service is between 5 to 21 % in generally. But when you hire a driver in Bali, you don’t need to pay for tax and service, except you book a tour with your big hotel.  
Full day tour with private driver 8 hours will cost you about 800.000 to 1.200.000 at your hotel.


Is Tipping polite?

The answer is yes, it is appreciated but it’s not required. The most of the workers in Bali do not earn money very much, even small tip really helps. 


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Ubud CenterRp 300.000/car
Pick Up AirportRp 350.000/car
PayanganRp 400.000/car
TegalalangRp 350.000/car

Own transport is the best way to get around Ubud. you can book a car self drive, hire a private driver or rental a bike. The reason behind is the flexibility of exploring the places and more places you can visited. Specially when you hire a driver, you will get well organize with right information. many places that are otherwise inaccessible.

The centre or the central is walkable. But if you going to stay in Ubud, outside from the center is more better, it is so calm and peaceful. Most of the hotels and villas come with the race fields view and countryside atmosphere. 
3 to 5 days is the best way to live in Ubud. This is best place for traditional cultural, art and craft, good food and beautiful nature. 


Can you do a day trip to Ubud from Seminyak ?

Ubud Day Trip from Seminyak is about 10 hours with private car, the best time for pick up hotel is around 8.00 am or 9.00 am. Ubud full day tour from Seminyak will cost you about IDR  650.000 to IDR 700.000 for Ubud tour or surrounding area.
The distance from Seminyak to Ubud is about 30 km or take you about 75 minutes drive with private taxi and cost you around 300.000 to 350.000.
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Water Rafting in Ubud” >>> Ubud White Water Rafting
It is free to enter Bali without a visa, the only thing you need to get is a date stamp in your passport at the airport on your arrival day. The maximum stay is 30 days and extend is not able with this free tourist visa. It is only possible with a Visa on Arrival.
  • Ubud is located in the center of Bali and it is the best place to stay and get around Bali.
  • Kuta, Seminyak, Legian and Jimbaran, is nice place for party with the beach view is good for surfing they all have a best sunset view.
The monthly living budget in general for couple in Bali :
ExpenseU.S. $
Mobile Phone$15
Most of the Bali Bely cases is coming from the contaminated water from the foods or any drinks. And the way to avoid the risk of ingesting contaminated from water is below :
  1. When you drink ice, make sure the ice cube it is not coming from the tap water
  2. Eat the food washed in the tap water
  3. Wet plates, cutlery and glasses.
  4. Don’t brushing your teeth with the tap water.
  5. Drink the water from shower.

The legal drinking age is 21 years old. In some clubs sometime you need to show your identity card.

The foreigner can only have the right to build and right to use and not the free hold ownership. For safely invest buying a property in Bali you is by owning  legal entity- a PT PMA. 
It takes you about 10 hours driving around Bali without any stop. If you drive from Uluwatu – South of Bali to Karangasem the east of Bali it about 2 hours,  then from east to Singaraja or the north or Bali is about 2 other hours, from Singaraja to Gilimanuk west of Bali is 2 hours and Gilimanuk to Uluwatu is another 4 hours . 

Bali has no drinking drive limit in officially, as long it doesn’t create trouble and chaos on the road. But mostly it can be very dangerous for you and others on the street and you can very easily go to jail because of the trouble. 

Actually it depends on your own needs, but generally around $ 160 USD per day. The price above includes hotel, private tour, food and spa as well.
Any payment in Bali I recommend to use cash. You can use Visa or MasterCard in some places and credit card is the most unacceptable in Bali.  
IDR or Indonesian Rupiah, you can bring Australian Dollars (AUD), US Dollars (USD) or Euros (EUR) but you need to change to IDR first, you may find a lot of money changer in Bali.

Take the cash with you and the card in case you need more money. There are a lot of local and international ATM in Bali, you no need to worry about. Make sure you change you dollar in IDR or  rupiah before you buying anything. Cash is the most easiest way for any transaction in Bali and the most effectively.

You can Say “helo” or hi” in Bali and all the people know this word. But to be an authentic Balinese person you can say hallo ” om swastiastu. “
WhatsApp is work in Bali ? The answer is yes. WhatsApp is the most common apps using in Bali as the communication tools.

You can use your iPhone in Bali and it has to be unlocked. Wifi is everywhere in Bali. At your hotel, restaurant or public area. Even when you with your private driver, they will happy to share the hotspot for you.


Is Wifi in Bali?

Connection speed for WiFi in Bali can be more then 512kbps – 2mbps


What is the comment SIM cards in Bali and Cost ?

The SIM card in Bali is very cheap and fast. For 20 GB you just need to pay for IDR 100.000 or $ 7 USD. The most popular SIM card is XL and Telkomsel.
Beverage in Bali cost
Bintang Beer / Singaraja Beer (12 oz small bottle)Rp 45,000
Cappuccino coffee (regular)Rp 35,000
Coke/Pepsi (12 oz small bottle)Rp 17,000
Bottle Water (12 oz small bottle)Rp 15,000

How much is a drink in Bali?

Cocktails or Spirits can cost you from $5 USD to $8 USD per glass 


Is English spoken in Bali ?

Well, English is not the common language for the whole Bali. English is the most spoken language for those who work is tourism industry. The most common language in Bali is Balinese language and Indonesian Bahasa.

Say “bye” in Balinese is Rahajeng Memargi. Below is any vocabulary you need to know.

English – BahasaBalinese
Morning – PagiRahajeng Semeng
Afternoon –  SiangRahajeng Tengai
Evening or Good Night – Selamat MalamRahajeng Wengi
Goodbye – Selamat TinggalRahajeng Memargi
Bali is one of the best place for remote workers, Bali has very nice climate and low living costs. But the longest current visa rules only let you stay for 6 month long.
Small warung is more cheaper then the restaurant. But bare in mind, you need to take care about your stomach, it can be very easy you get bali belly. 


Can I drink alcohol in Bali, is alcohol legal in Bali ?

The answer is yes. The majority of the people in Bali is Hindu, so there is no any alcohol drinking is prohibited in Bali by the laws. 


What are the common names in Bali?

The most common name in Bali is Wayan, Gede and Putu for the first born.
Made or Kadek for the second child, Komang or Nyoman as the third born and Ketut is the last.
The name are use both for males or females, but in general it has “I ” letter in the beginning of the male and NI for the females, for example : I WAYAN for boy first child and NI WAYAN for the girl first child.