Bali Purification Ritual

Bali Purification Ritual Learned from the balinese tradition. Traditional Bali Purification Ritual is believed as a way to cast away the negative energy and change it as a positive energy .

Ubud swing and coffee

There are several spring water with their own function that will help you with problem such as a bad dream every night, your luck, your health and your success.

Tirta Empul Templei is actually the name of a water source located within the temple.

Mayadenawa with his magical powers  created a poisoned spring from which Indra exhausted troops drank and succumbed.

God Indra noticed the fall of his men and soon thrust his staff into the ground where a holy purifying spring spurted out to cure the troops and to even bring some of them back to life.

The First Sacred Purification Ritual will begin with wearing you Balinese customs like the Balinese do when going to the temple


Bali Purification Ritual Itinerary

Ubud Kintamani Tour

 08:30 Arrive at Traditional market

First we are going to take you to have a look balinese local market to get some means of making offerings such as flowers and fruit.
Back from the market we are going to teach you  how to make any balinese offerings
  • 09:30 Arrive at Tirta Empul
     Come and see the magnificent Tirta Empul temple, built during the 9th century in honor of the God Vishnu. Bathe in its  waters and experience the Balinese purification ritual believed to have healing powers.
    Balinese Hindus participate in water blessings regularly (Melukat)a spiritual cleansing ritual aimed to achieve self-purification of both the body and soul.
    Then at the end we will enjoy a light meal blessed by a “pemangku” or a local priest beforehand.


    Bali Purification Ritual Price IDR  550/Person

Included :

  • Comfortable Air-conditioned car
  • English speaking Bali tour driver
  • Offerings
  • Local Guide
  • Petrol for the car
  • Parking fee
  • entry ticket
    • Lunch is included.

Note :

  • Woman in period is forbidden to enter the temple
  • Minimum of 2 people per booking is required.